What Our Clients Say

A B2B Coach targeting "CEO's, "Presidents", "Business Owners" Landed $10K Client in 28 days...

-Dr. Liz Degi DuBois Coaching

A B2B Business/Career Coach Doing $40K a month w/ our system and doing 10 quality appointments a week w/ Fortune 500 C level clients.

-Olivia Gamber Coaching

A B2B Marketing Agency 

"Added $25K a month without paying for ads."

-Vlad Timaru (Ad Agency)

A B2B Coach targeting "CEO's, "Presidents", "Business Owners", & High Level Execs DOUBLED Revenue even w/o Referral Growth ($500K).

(w/o paying for advertising & NOT being "sale-sy" in LinkedIn).

-Karen- KMP Consultants

A B2B Business/Career Coach went from 
"$0 in sales to 10 new clients in 5 months."

-Suraj GROUNOW Coaching

A B2B Business Consultant targeting "CEO's, "Presidents", & "Business Owners", DOUBLED Growth w/o having to bank on Referrals or using an Agency to bring him appointments.

-Richard B. -J. Eaton Associates

Client Testimonials

"B2BClientAcquisition.com has been able to generate appointments without me lifting a finger and they just keep coming.  It sounded too good to be true, but Breven and his team really take a hands on personal approach."
-Jeff B.
ThinkTank Inc.- Chicago, IL.

"B2BClientAcquisition.com has a killer appointment setting strategy that brings in warm qualified opportunities for me and my roofing company. They do more than just lead generation, but also help with our sales process."
-Dale P. 
AAE Consultants- Chicago, IL.

"My Business consulting firm has been SEARCHING for a good marketing partner to work with. Thank God we found Breven and his team. They've helped us scale our growth to over a million in sales after our first year with them. Their Corporate ClientFinder has allowed us to focus more on qualified leads and spend more time in front of the right clients their Guaranteed ROI contract is no joke!"
-Ray M.
Morandi Inc.- Florida

"The "inbound marketing" strategies that B T P preaches is the best marketing strategy I've used since being in the coaching business for 15+ years. A warm pipeline for coaches is hard to come by. We were able to start adding staff and really start scaling with B2BClientAcquisition.com"
-Drew M.
Executive/Leadership Coach- Atlanta, GA

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    We offer a ROI Guarantee. This forces us to only sign customers who we think will be a great fit and we are sure will have great results.*
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