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At B2B Client Acquisition we help businesses acquire more high ticket clients CONSISTENTLY by using our Predictable Corporate ClientFinder Acquisition Strategies.

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Clients hearing us from the following...

What Our Clients Say

A B2B Coach targeting "CEO's, "Presidents", "Business Owners" Landed $10K Client in 28 days...

-Dr. Liz Degi DuBois Coaching

A B2B Business/Career Coach Doing $40K a month w/ our system and doing 10 quality appointments a week w/ Fortune 500 C level clients.

-Olivia, Coaching

A B2B Marketing Agency 

"Added $25K a month without paying for ads."

-Vlad Timaru (Ad Agency)

A B2B Coach targeting "CEO's, "Presidents", "Business Owners", & High Level Execs DOUBLED Revenue even w/o Referral Growth ($500K).

(w/o paying for advertising & NOT being "sale-sy" in LinkedIn).

-Karen- KMP Consultants

A B2B Business/Career Coach went from 
"$0 in sales to 10 new clients in 5 months."

-Suraj GROUNOW Coaching

A B2B Business Consultant targeting "CEO's, "Presidents", & "Business Owners", DOUBLED Growth w/o having to bank on Referrals or using an Agency to bring him appointments.

-Richard B. -J. Eaton Associates

ROI Guarantee

We offer a guarantee. This forces us to only sign customers who we think will be a great fit and we are sure will have great results.*
Clients come to us when the following starts happening...

➡️ They are used to "referral" and "word of mouth" growth, but need a system that doesn't require advertising dollars to ACTUALLY scale the business.

➡️ They've been in business for a few years now, but when they tried scaling to the next level, they kept hitting wall after wall and unable to scale.

➡️ They are sick of sharing a large "cut" of the profits with outplacement coaching/consulting agencies.

➡️ They don't have any scalable solutions in place to get clients more predictably every month. Spending too much time prospecting and have been exhausted with very little to no ROI.

➡️ They’re great at numbers and have a proven track record as a business, but don’t understand digital marketing well and need help.

➡️ New Sales/Marketing strategies have been sporadic without any systematic way to stay on top of their ideal clients. They have no info/systematic way of comparing their marketing efforts.
All in all, our clients end up EXHAUSTED with the following approaches
❌ Expensive/Too Slow Of ROI in Facebook & Google Ads/SEO

❌ Tirelessly networking

❌ Sick of hearing about “marketing funnels”

❌ Time consuming Speaking Events
❌ Sick of Hearing how to "sell" in LinkedIn or using "intrusive" messaging

❌ Difficult to Design Websites

❌ Blogging and pushing “content” on Social Media

❌ Writing Books that don't guarantee sales
Our Corporate ClientFinder™  & Acquisition
Autopilot Appointment Setting System
Our Clients get full access to our exact blueprint that generates 4-10 appointments a week digitally with QUALIFIED decision makers.  This happens withOUT spending a dime on advertising and withOUT spending time on front end business development.

Master Acquisition of Corporate Clients
Appointments are great, but if these are not converted to actual paying customers, then what we've accomplished is pointless.  Remember, these are not "referral" or "word of mouth" type appointments. Our entire process is focused on CLIENT ACQUISITION, not leads.  We give you a proven process that converts complete strangers to paying clients. We've taken the guesswork out of sales for you.
The dreaded "B2B" cycle as a small business is, finding clients, selling clients, fulfillment of your services, and then hoping another client falls in your lap.  Once we get you consistently landing 2-5+ clients a months, we can now scale it so you're managing the business, NOT the business managing you.  Working less, making more profits. Scale to $60K a month.

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